New solution for haskap harvest

What harvester?

There are many harvesting machines available on the market. They can be new or used machines with different producers. Which harvester will be the best for Haskap berry? Before choosing a machine, answer a few questions.

  1. How big is your farm?

  2. How big is an area where you grow honeysuckle?

  3. What other fruit do you grow?

  4. What market does fruit go to? The fresh market or for processing?

We offer two of berry harvester suitable for haskap. It is half-row harvester JOANNA and full-row harvester KAREN.

Ideal condition for haskap fruit selection

KAREN is a full-row fruit harvester with a harvesting system equipped with two vertical shakers. The harvester goes over the row. Gently vibrating shakers shake off the fruit onto conveyors which take them through the cleaning unit. There they are thoroughly cleaned of leaves and other impurities. In the next step, the fruits go to the selection zone and then to totes or other containers placed under the chute.

haskap-harvest (4)

Shaking rods and conveyors made of special material, an effective sealing system with catchers, a wide range of adjustments, and a fruit selection zone guarantee high-quality harvested fruits.

More advantages

The harvester is also distinguished by:

  • lightweight construction and wide tires enabling work on a different area
  • ability to pick up fruits growing on a flat field or on beds
  • effective fruit shaking even with gentle vibrations of the shakers
  • construction enabling work on plantations with a narrow distance between rows
  • efficient fruit cleaning unit
  • ideal conditions for fruit selection¬†
KAREN harvesters are perfect for several dozen hectares of haskap berry plantations or on farms where raspberries (grown on supports or without supports), blackberries, or blueberries are also grown.

If you need more information about KAREN, please contact us.