JOANNA PREMIUM received the medal

Last year, during the Fruit and Vegetable Production Technology Expo HORTI- TECH in Poland, our harvester JOANNA PREMIUM with MULTI- FRUIT option received the prize. It got  the medal in category "Horticultural machineries and tractors". We are very proud of this.  
It is time to learn more about the JOANNA PREMIUM harvester.
JOANNA PREMIUM with MULTI- FRUIT option is the best solution for growers who are diversifying their production. This harvester can be use in various berry cultures including: haskap, aronia, currants, gooseberry and also raspberries (without supports). Customers can use the same machine for effective picking different types of berries,  without the necessity of changing the complete shaking unit.
Special “MULTI FRUIT” set of additional equipment includes:
1. A pull-out divider’s frame with a continuous pull-out parameters regulation.
2.Row divider with a special, triangle bow with “standard” and “young bush” set option (continuous regulation)
3.Each (divisible) shaking disc is removable and adjustable on the shaft (instead of welded ones), with universal shaking fingers made of steel
4.Steel shaking fingers for multipurpose application
Additional options for “MULTI FRUIT” set:
  • special plastic shaking fingers guarantee a wider shaking surface and less pressure on shaken shoots. Plastic shaking fingers need to be mounted on removable and adjustable (divisible) shaking discs instead of standard steel shaking fingers
  • removable and adjustable (divisible) shaking discs already with mounted plastic shaking fingers for raspberries
  • active module for young bushes, with (divisible) discs and steel/ plastic (one type needs to be chosen) shaking fingers attached to the shaft