Last week you could find short article about Haskp Harvest Show 2018 with JOANNA PREMIUM harvester and see the photo gallery. Now, we invite you to our YouTube channel and watch the newest video wirh JOANNA harvester during the work on haskap plantation in Poland.  


    Haskap harvest with JOANNA PREMIUM. Few days ago we have organized work show on a haskap plantation. It was occasion to show haskap growers in Poland  harvester JOANNA PREMIUM during the work. About 40 people from different regions our country have come to the plantation near Sochaczew. We...

  • JOANNA PREMIUM received the medal

    Last year, during the Fruit and Vegetable Production Technology Expo HORTI- TECH in Poland, our harvester JOANNA PREMIUM with MULTI- FRUIT option received the prize. It got  the medal in category "Horticultural machineries and tractors". We are very proud of this.     It is time to learn more...

  • MULTI-FRUIT new harvester function

    Harvester JOANNA has a new function MULTI-FRUIT. This solutions allows You use the harvester for picking different kind of berry fruits without changing the harvester version. JOANNA MULTI-FRUIT - ONE HARVESTER  - MANY POSSIBILITIES Please, find short movie about this option on our YouTube...

  • Haskap harvesting

    Watch our newest movie with JOANNA PREMIUM harvester durig the work on haskap plantation. You can see it on our YOU TUBE channel. Please click here MOVIE with JOANNA PREMIUM harvester  

  • Joanna Premium on haskap plantation

    Please, look how the new model of JOANNA - JOANNA PREMIUM worked on haskap plantation in Poland. Click here