Haskap harvester


KAREN is the newest solution for harvesting blueberry, raspberry and haskap. It guarantees effective picking and very high quality of harvested fruits with minimum operating actions and constant working parameters.  Innovative covers and the sealing system minimize fruit losses and increase the efficiency of the cleaning unit. The technological solutions found in KAREN allow working on plantations in all conditions. The harvester guarantees effective and comfortable fruit collection.

haskap harvester KAREN

 The technology of collecting fruit

It is based on a vertical shakers harvesting system. The fruits are falling on a conveyor and are transported through a cleaning unit. They have thoroughly cleaned off leaves and other impurities. An effective sealing system minimizes fruit losses. Next, fruits are transported to a fruit selecting zone and into totes and lugs.

Ideal conditions of haskap fruit selection

Harvester construction, used solutions and materials allow pick up high quality fruits. However, before fruits will be in totes or lugs it is still possible to select the fruits depending on their purpose.
Technical data  Metric Imperial
Work speed from 0,5 km/h
 from 0,3 mph
of the harvester height
from the ground level
from 0,1 to 0,6 m from 4" to 23"
Fruit collection
small 10-20 kg boxes
small 20-40 lbs boxes
The load capacity of the working platform 760 kg 1.675 lbs
Tunnel clearance                                    2,65 m 3,28 ft
Accuracy of harvesting      more than 98%
Working drives   hydraulic, fully adjustable, with oil cooler and thermostat
Min. required power of tractor's power            Pull of 9 kN 68 HP, demanded slow gear, from 0,5 km/h - 1,0 km/h at 1500 tractor engine speed,
540 rpm /min PTO shaft , electrical installation 12vdc
Fruit harvesting system with two vertical shakers
Staff: tractor driver + 2 or 4 person to fruit selection and totes replacement