"One thing is certain: without the harvest, there would be no Haskap harvest"
 Andre Gagnon - Producer and founder of Borealis Haskap


Joanna-5 is a modern, efficient and reliable machine, the newest in the series of JOANNA berry harvesters. It is designed for harvesting black and red currant, Aronia, Saskatoon berries, gooseberry, rose hips, Haskap, and other berry fruits. Berry harvester Joanna-5 meets the expectations of customers who are looking for simple and unfailing machines offered at a good price. Joanna-5 is a half-row, pull-behind berry harvester suitable for plantations up to 60 acres.

haskap-harvest JOANNA-5


Berry harvester JOANNA-5 is equipped with a siderow (V-shape) harvesting system which guarantees:

  • very low loss rate, less than 5% (hand harvesting about 30%)

  • harvesting beginning from 20 cm (8") over the ground, the best option for young plantations

  • picking fruit from the lower height as regards over-row harvesters with a vertical harvesting system

  • unlimited row width, 

  • harvesting long branches with fruit,

  • fruit falling from inches height,

  • more economic for middle-size plantations.

  • 1 harvester = 33 persons

JOANNA harvester has a very good opinion among the Haskap Growers.
haskap-harvest with JOANNA-5 (2)

Technical data  Metric Imperial
Output 0,2-0,25 ha/hour
0,5 acre/hour - 0,6 acre/hour
Min. fruit harvesting height 20 cm over the ground harvest
8" over the ground harvest
Fruit collection
big 500 kg totes or small 10-20 kg boxes
big 1,100 lbs totes or small 20-40 lbs boxes
The load capacity of the working platform optionally 1150 kg optionally 2,535 lbs
Weight                                                      1500 kg 3,440 lbs
Accuracy of harvesting      more than 98%
Working drives   hydraulic, fully adjustable, with oil cooler and thermostat
Powered by 540 PTO
Min. required power of tractor's power             50 HP
Fruit harvesting system a siderow (V-shape), with one shaker
Independent adjustment of the travel speed conveyors