JOANNA-5 PREMIUM - Perfect for You

JOANNA-5 PREMIUM harvester is an ideal solution for picking fruits from young and small bushes as well as from very high bushes with long stems. The covers and seal system eliminates fruit losses. The capability of the harvester to pick up high branches is found to be an important benefit for harvesting high bushes like Aronia, hip rose, Saskatoons, and other high-bush berries up to 3 m.

JOANNA PREMIUM compared with the JOANNA-5 harvester has modified construction for more effective berry harvesting in both small and high bushes. The harvesting mechanisms guarantee minimal damage to plants and berries and high harvest efficiency.


Some facts about JOANNA PREMIUM harvester:

  • - has a wider horizontal conveyor by 70cm (2 ft 3 in). There is more free space before the shaking head to minimalize the area where dropping berries       could fall onto the ground,
  • - has a longer shaker for effective harvest from high bushes,
  • - higher bushes mean bigger crops. For this purpose, the harvester has a bigger platform capacity which can hold two 500 kg (1,100 lbs) boxes one after the other,
  • - higher output: from 0,25 to 0,35 ha/h (0,6-0,8 ac/h),
  • - has a longer longitudinal conveyor by 30 cm (1 ft) in order to more comfortable 500 kg (1,100 lbs) boxes filling,
  • - has a possibility to pick up berries in big 500 kg (1,100 lbs) and small 10-20 kg (20-40 lbs) boxes
  • - equipped with a hydraulic drawbar for the tractor's lower hitch, with smooth tilt adjustment and adjustable hitch height,
  • - equipped with an oil cooler with an electric engine,
  • - equipped with an adjustable speed cleaning ventilator,
  • - equipped with an adjustable speed cleaning ventilator and independent hydraulic system for working drives.

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Gallery of JOANNA PREMIUM (previous model) and JOANNA-5 PREMIUM on different berry plantations.